Harlem Shake Craze Hits Dorney Park

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom staff join in dance craze, post 'Harlem Shake Dorney Park Original Edition' video.

The Dorney Park staff has joined the ranks of Harlem Shake-ers.

Dorney's YouTube video , posted Feb. 15, shows the full-time staff doing their version of the Harlem Shake dance craze on the Steel Force roller coaster, complete with a priest performing an exorcism, a dancing banana and cop. It's already garnered nearly 10,000 views.

What began as a simple video of a few guys in costume dancing to a techno beat has quickly turned into one the Internet's latest viral memes..

This week alone, tens of thousands of people have uploaded their version of the "Harlem Shake" to YouTube, including cadets at the West Point Library, students at Lehigh University, and even the Patch editors from Montgomery County.

As of this writing, the following schools have posted Harlem Shake videos: 


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